An audio platform that evolves with you

Start with a Keystone System, add Bedrocks anytime, with the peace of mind of long term support.

Easy to start

A Keystone System is perfect for most listening environments. Enjoy accurate and musical listening in a compact form factor. Everything you need is included, we'll even provide stands if you don't have any.

Simple to expand

Expand your soundstage and bass impact by adding a pair of Bedrock Speakers and Ochto amplifiers. The Keystones sit on top of the Bedrocks to present as a floor stander loudspeaker.

Forever serviceable

Every component in a Keystone or Bedrock system is designed for long term supportability. Our drivers, amplifiers and digital components were chosen to be easily sourced, with established product roadmaps.

What we have been working on…

Our mission was to create a high performance audio platform built on the best of digital and analogue. In every design decision, we looked towards the future, building on the best of the past, unencumbered by legacy or historical practices.

We are proud to present the Keystone, Bedrock, Ochto and Cardia components that when combined provide a beautifully natural listening experience – driven by best of breed drivers, amplifiers, digital signal processing and digital to analogue converters.

Compact Fullrange Speaker

A compact 5-way/7-driver loudspeaker with advanced bass shaping to minimise room interaction of low frequencies.

Bedrock Sub Array
Advanced Bass Performance

A bass enhancer and expander with 8 subwoofers designed to enhance the presentation and presence of lower frequencies.

Ochto Amplifier
8 channels x 250W Power

An 8-channel power amplifier designed for Keystone and Bedrock Speakers. Supports low power/pause when used with Cardia DSP.

About 3SB Audio

The idea to design and build a loudspeaker was initially discussed in the 3SB (“Three Sad Bastards”) Podcast series where we irreverently considered what would be involved in designing and building a (good) loudspeaker.

Light hearted conversation soon transformed into  obsession as we started looking deeper into what would be involved.

The Keystone and Bedrock Systems are based on and connected via Audio Visual Bridging (AVB).

What listeners say

Here's what people who've heard the Keystone and Bedrock's have had to say.


Sad Bastard #2

“Listened to the Mozart track on the (REDACTED). The Keystones win.
Hands down.
It’s beautiful on the (REDACTED) but there’s a richness to the cello/bass that’s just missing compared the the Keystones.”



Critical Listener

“I have been thinking about your speakers. They’re haunting. I can’t wait to see and hear the Keystone and Bedrocks together!"




"I have never heard anything so amazing. I think what you have done is remarkable and can’t wait to drop by at the Melbourne HiFi show to see the response from people (real-time) which I think will be very exciting."


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a remote control?

We provide three methods of remote volume control: Managed via Roon (if you’re playing music from a library or streaming service) Mobile web app via Wifi IR remote  Both ways use volume control built into Read more…

How can I use my Keystone or Bedrock system with Roon?

We’ve integrated Cardia DSP with Roon, so that you are able to control volume and mute of Keystone and Bedrock systems from within Roon. This is via the Roon CDSP Extension (available here: