Throughout the design of the Keystone and Bedrock systems we have chosen high quality components that we have incorporated into our products.

Our chosen drivers are:

  • ScanSpeak 12MU/4731T00 for the Keystone Midrange
  • ScanSpeak 15WU/4741T00 for the Keystone Midwoofer
  • ScanSpeak D3004/664000 Beryllium Tweeter
  • Dayton DCS165-4 Subwoofers

Our DSP is based on:

  • RME M-32-Pro DAC
  • RME AVB Tool ADC
  • RME Digiface AVB
  • PreSonus SW5E AVB Switch
  • Apple M1 hardware for DSP
  • CamillaDSP software for DSP
  • Acourate Pro for DSP development

Our Ochto amplifiers are based on:

  • Hypex NC252MP power modules
  • SpeakOn 8 wire connectors (Amp and Speakers)
  • 8-core pro-audio speaker cable (Amp to Speakers)
  • DB25 XLR interconnects (DAC to Amp)
  • Raspberry 4 Pi for monitoring and control