The Ochto amplifier is designed specifically for the Keystone and Bedrock speakers, employing 8 independent Hypex 250W amplifiers in each Ochto.

Connectivity is via DB-25 XLR and 2 x 4 ch SpeakOn connectors.

Using industry standard DB-25 XLR connectors, the Ochto is also able to connect to high density pro-audio DACs. 

Each Ochto amplifier includes dedicated heat dissipation utilising four extremely quiet fans that turn on only if required.

The fans and power management is managed by a dedicated Raspberry Pi 4 in each amplifier.

When combined with Cardia DSP, the Ochto provides wake from standby when music is playing, reverting to sleep low power mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The front includes a power LED, and four programmable LED indicators, e.g. for clipping.