Go extra

The Bedrocks employ the same digital signal processing as the Keystones to focus bass towards the listener. Designed for exclusive use with the Keystones, they provide a more expansive bass presentation than the Keystones alone, as well as reducing bass room interactions in the vertical dimension.

The result is fuller, more accurate bass, transforming the Keystones into a larger speaker capable of filling larger rooms or providing that extra level of control in smaller rooms.

Each subwoofer is housed in its own chamber, and driven by a dedicate DAC and amplifier.

Adding the Bedrocks to an existing Keystone setup involves mounting the Keystones on the Bedrocks utilsing the coupling feet on top of the Bedrocks.


Weight: 42 kg each

Dimensions: 262mm (W), 750mm (H), 484mm (D)

Frequency Response: 30Hz – 1,000 Hz