The Keystone and Bedrock Systems are comprised of 5 key components:

Primary Speaker – a pair of Keystone Speakers. Each Keystone has 4 subwoofers in a custom DSP cardioid configuration.

Subwoofers – a pair of Bedrock Sub Arrays. Each Bedrock has 8 subwoofers in a custom DSP cardioid configuration.

Power Amplifiers – Each Keystone or Bedrock Speaker requires a dedicated Ochto Amplifier, which are based on Hypex NC252MP power amplifier modules. Each Ochto amplifier includes 4 x Hypex NC252MP modules, providing 8 channels 250W.

DSP CPU – we currently support a customised macOS Monterey running on an Apple M1 mini. Support for Linux on Intel is currently in development.

DAC – we currently support the RME M-32 Pro DAC. Support for MOTU AVB multichannel DAC such as the 24Ao is currently in development.

ADC – we currently support the RME AVB Tool. Support for MOTU ADC (analogue to digital converter) is in development.

TypeComponentKeystone SystemBedrock System
Primary SpeakerKeystone Speaker2
SubwooferBedrock Sub Array+2
Power AmplifierOchto Power Amplifier2+2
DSPCardia DSP1
Components in each System