The Keystone and Bedrock Systems are built on a philosophy of open architecture and open, natural sound. It represents a quantum leap into the future with every design decision building on the best of the past, unencumbered by legacy practices.

Truly a system that is configurable to your individual room and listening preferences.

The Keystone System can be thought of as three essential elements connected to create a high-performance audio platform.

The Keystone Speaker: An innovative seven-driver standmount with startling dynamics, deep and tuneful bass extension, gorgeous tonality and pinpoint imaging. 

Ochto Amplifiers: The powerhouse of the Keystone System, the Ochto amplifiers control each individual driver in the Keystone Speaker effortlessly and directly with no analogue crossovers. 

Cardia DSP: the heart of the Keystone System, Cardia is a sophisticated DSP and crossover platform that ensures your music reaches your ears with its heart and soul fully intact.

The Bedrock System adds 2 Bedrock Sub Arrays (with additional Ochto Amplifiers) to the Keystone System for a world class full-scale listening experience or when extra lower frequency SPL is desired.