Is there a remote control?

We provide three methods of remote volume control: Managed via Roon (if you’re playing music from a library or streaming service) Mobile web app via Wifi IR remote ¬†Both ways use volume control built into Cardia DSP, based on 64 bit audio. Other configuration is also available via the web Read more…

Can I BYO DSP or Amplifiers?

We recognise that some listeners will have existing amplifiers, or wish to employ different types of amplifiers. All of our products are designed modularly so that alternatives can be employed. For example, it’s possible to utilise (say) a different 4-channel amplifier for the Tweeter, Midrange and Midwoofer. Just let us Read more…

What kind of warranty is provided?

We provide a 3 year warranty. Our products are designed to be user supportable. Should something go wrong and need attention, you should be able to return the component (e.g. specific driver) to use, rather than the whole speaker enclosure. 

What is the Ochto amplifier?

Our Ochto Amplifier provides 8 channels at 250W per channel. They connect to Cardia DSP and either Keystone or Bedrock speaker. Internally there are 4 very quiet micro fans that provide cooling where needed, controlled by a dedicated Raspberry Pi 4.