Meet the team

Aris, John and Trevor have been involved in the design, build and test of the Keystone, Bedrock, Ochto and Cardia components from the initial concept to preparing for production availability.

A brief history

The idea to design and build a loudspeaker was initially discussed in the 3SB (“Three Sad Bastards”) Podcast series where we irreverently considered what would be involved in designing and building a (good) loudspeaker.

Light hearted conversation soon transformed into  obsession as we started looking deeper into what would be involved.

As luck would have it, an opportunity (6 months gardening leave) provided the time and funding towards feeding the obsession, and after 6 months of full-time, dedicated research, learning, design and production, the Keystone, Bedrock, Ochto and Cardia became real.

Using CAD, CNC, and DSP we were able to iterate loudspeaker designs quickly, backed by measurements, theory and extensive listening sessions.

Along the way we designed and built a small 2-way (the Stella) which is an outstanding value small speaker with amazing imaging and tight bass.

Listening setup at home of the Keystone prototype (outer) speakers, and the Ochto amplifier proof of concept (middle). Also shown is a small 2 way (inner) that is under development.

Where we are today

3SB Audio was established to provide an outstanding quality and high value audiophile-grade loudspeaker for a reasonable cost.

We knew what we didn’t want or think was required – no analogue cross-overs, no exotic metal wiring, no tubes/valves, no exotic expensive drivers, no low-cost/performance drivers either, and no components or design decisions without a very clear, science-based rationale that resonated with our combined audio experience of approx. 100 years audiophile experience; we’ve been listening, buying and tweaking, obsessing and generally unsatisfied for over 30 years each. 

We knew that to be different and better was going to be a challenge. We’re proud of being able to offer what we think is an outstanding loudspeaker platform for your listening pleasure.