The Keystone is a multichannel loudspeaker that is designed to play music in small to medium sized rooms. It’s designed to be placed on dedicated speaker stands of approximately 700mm height. The Keystones need to be powered by a multichannel amplifier, and each channel needs to only present frequencies that are viable for each driver.

Therefore to use the Keystones, you need the Ochto Amplifier and Cardia DSP. If using other amplifiers than the Ochto, they should be at least 250W for the 4 woofers in each Keystone, 125W each for Midwoofer, Midrange, and Tweeter. 

In the default configuration, the Keystones are designed for 2-way stereo playback. If you would like to run more than a pair of Keystones (e.g. for surround sound), just let us know – that would be an amazing custom configuration!

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