We recognise that some listeners will have existing amplifiers, or wish to employ different types of amplifiers.

All of our products are designed modularly so that alternatives can be employed. For example, it’s possible to utilise (say) a different 4-channel amplifier for the Tweeter, Midrange and Midwoofer. Just let us know what your setup is and we’ll help configure any of our products to work in your configuration.

Typical BYO examples:

  • Listener provides alternative 8 channel amplifiers. This should be ok, provided you match gain (to help, we may be able to adjust gain levels in Cardia DSP for specific channels). Note that we use DB-25 XLR and 8-wire SpeakOn, so some adapters may be required for non-Ochto amplifiers.
  • Listener provides alternative multi-channel DAC. This starts to get a bit trickier, but if CardiaDSP is able to work with your DAC, then we should be able to configure Cardia DSP to work with your existing DAC. If you’re considering purchasing a specific multichannel DAC, drop us a line so that we can help make sure that it will work with our systems.
  • Listener provides alternative DSP. If you wish to roll your own DSP, we’re happy to provide some general advice. We can also supply elements of the DSP for specific needs (note: there is a cost involved if not purchasing Cardia DSP).
  • Listener runs other speakers, and wishes to use Ochto amplifiers. Whilst we prefer that you try our speakers, we will happily supply the Ochto for use without our other products.

The above probably covers most BYO cases. If you have any questions, just get in touch and we’ll do what we can!

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